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Farming gold in PvZ

by Tjuhl on 23/MAY/09 | Back to Tjuhl's Media

“Farming some gold in Plants vs. Zombies. (Kudos to Kailieann for the hint!)”

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Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies (PC-MAC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/2D Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: 20/AUG/09
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How good is this game?
Definitely worth the (only) 10 EUR / $15.
Seems like that would be an extremely slow farming process, since silver and gold coins are worth almost nothing and diamonds are the only things with real value.
5-7k in <10 minutes. Feel free to suggest a faster strategy.
Hm maybe it just seems like it would be so slow since they almost always drop silver coins and they're only worth 10.
pwnd? :p
wow... love the almanach in this game ^^
I have a suggestion to this image. Instead of the nuts, use pumpkins, so there's space for a couple of marigolds. Use only two gold magnets, right behind the gloom shrooms. You might want to put 3 of these on a line. Nothing can pass trhough them. And there's no need for the magnets. So the layout should be:
1st line: M M M M M (M)
2nd line: M M M G S S S Ga Ga
3rd line: M M M M M (M)
4th line: M M M M M (M)
5th line: M M M G S S S Ga Ga
6th line: M M M M M (M)

M stands for Marigold, G for Gold mganet, S for Gloom shroom, Ga for Garlic and the brackets mark pupmkinss. You should atill have enough sun to replace pumpkins orgarlics during the waves. This way you can grab a few hundred dollars more.
Magnets are required or the zombies will eat your nuts. Gold magnets allow you to go /afk while farming gold. :)
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