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Tjuhl reviews Heroes of Newerth (PC)

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Tjuhl said...

The most awesomest ground textures I've ever seen! You should really buy this game just to see how beautiful ground textures can be. All else, it's like League of Legends. Or Demigod. Or classic Warcraft's DotA. Compared to Demigod, the heroes are a lot better. Compared to League of Legends, you pay $30 once and are then never again bothered with free-to-play purchase incentives. Compared to classic DotA, it doesn't have all th UI glitches the classic one has.

But why the hell do I have to taget-click me after using an item that I can only use on myself?

Oh, did I mention the GROUND TEXTURES? (Plus, it's by the guys that made Savage 1+2, plus, you support indie development buying this.)

Game Traits applied to Heroes of Newerth (PC) by Tjuhl

  • The Setting:
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
    other players and friends
  • How it's Played:
    Hero based RTS, multiplayer
  • General Tone:
Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth (PC)

Release Date: 13/JUL/09
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