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Tjuhl reviews Wolfenstein 3D [DOS] (PC)

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Tjuhl said...

Very similar to classic Doom, but instead of demons you kill Nazis. Uh.

Game Traits applied to Wolfenstein 3D [DOS] (PC) by Tjuhl

  • The Setting:
    World War II
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    Hidden passages
  • General Tone:
Wolfenstein 3D [DOS]

Wolfenstein 3D [DOS] (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 05/MAY/92
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Well, it's more like Doom is similar to Wolfenstein since this game came out before Doom. Technically Doom's main advance is that it allows for differing heights in rooms and for ramps and stairs. Wolf 3d maps are all single height mazes.
@dowekeller hmkey, I am sorry and you tell the truth, sir.

My review rating still applies, though, as I liked Doom better than Wolfenstein. Hmkey?
I wasn't commenting on your rating, It makes sense that you'd prefer the game with more features than its predecessor. I like both games very well, but prefer Wolfenstein for its content even though some aspect of the game, maybe the lack of textures on the floor and ceiling make me nauseous after about 30 min. of play. I personally prefer Quake to either because it allows me to use the mouse and keyboard just like the modern FPSes I play. It's really amazing how influential Id was in the formation of the FPS from Hovertank all the way through to Quake, they were the primary FPS innovators IMO.
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